Acacia Global Services provides comprehensive, integrated solutions for the risks faced by your organization at every phase of development ranging from strategic planning support to monitoring threats to your investments and personnel on the ground.


Scenarios and forecasting

 Acacia Global Services supports our clients’ strategic planning processes through the development of scenarios and forecasts – tools designed to allow corporate managers to understand today’s environment and tomorrow’s possibilities.  We work with clients to develop highly customized scenarios and forecasts to examine your industry, your world, and your future in order to guide your organization’s strategic planning process and recognize courses of action. connect people and create partnerships around the world.

Market Entry Analysis

Expanding your organization’s presence internationally is an inherently risky endeavor, particularly in frontier or emerging market countries. New laws, murky regulations, opaque political landscapes, and new competitors complicate traditional operational models. Acacia Global Services provides market entry analysis to reveal potential vulnerabilities, challenge firmly held assumptions, and provide your organization with the information necessary to succeed and thrive in any market.

political risk monitoring

Acacia Global Services provides timely, incisive, event-driven political risk monitoring for clients operating in frontier and emerging market environments. Our services factor in each client’s unique global footprint, examine each node of their supply chain, and deliver individually tailored studies examining ongoing risks to personnel, investments, infrastructure, and reputation.